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We offer a large selection of premium commercial, agricultural, and industrial doors and parts, giving your business the necessary options to meet the needs of your project and budget without sacrificing quality.

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We’ve partnered with the country’s finest residential garage door & parts manufacturers to provide you with the area’s widest selection of door types and styles. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll help you find it!

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We’ll fix your problem fast, often on the same day you call. ADS technicians have a combined 45+ years of commercial and residential door service experience, so you can count on us to do it right the first time.

We proudly feature these fine brands:

CHI Overhead Doors | LiftMaster | Raynor | VAL6 Infrared Heaters | Dakota Grills

The Toughest Retractable Screens On The Market!

DuraScreens heavy duty retractable screens and vinyl panels are the perfect solution for turning patios, porches, garages and gazebos into pest free havens with the push of a button. Dual-track units include a sturdy retractable screen along with a weather proof vinyl panel with windows that shields from wind, cold, rain, sleet, and anything else mother nature can throw your way.

Single-track units can include either a vinyl panel or heavy duty screen. All of our retractable screen systems are custom made in the USA to your dimensions and are easy to install and operate. Every screen and vinyl panel is controlled with a handheld remote and wall control. In multiple panel installations you can operate each panel independently or control them as a group.

Why Choose Automatic Retractable Door Screens?

  • Our Automatic Retractable Door Screens can Transform any Outdoor Area
    Our Retractable Screen Systems are currently being used on garages, screen porches, patios, gazebos, warehouses, barns…you name it. The DuraScreens Automatic Retractable System is the affordable way to turn virtually any outdoor area into a cool, comfortable and pest-free sanctuary. DuraScreens Retractable Screens can be ordered different degrees of shade, including 72%, 92% or solid vinyl and solid vinyl with clear vinyl windows.
  • Our Automatic Retractable Door Screens are Completely Self Sealing
    DuraScreens Retractable Screens are the only screen systems that are completely self-sealing. Our unique track design is what makes the retractable screen system possible. Heavy duty extruded anodized aluminum tracks are mounted to the side jambs of the opening. The screen rides within these tracks, preventing gaps and keeping the screen taut throughout its operation. Along the bottom rail sits a rugged, vinyl gasket that allows the bottom rail to mold itself to the contour of the ground.
  • Automatic Retractable Screen Systems are Quiet
    Our automatic designs feature a whisper-quiet motor that operates the screen at impressive speeds and is easily controlled by a handy remote control. It’s just like any common garage door opener, only quieter and with equal or greater speed.
  • Automatic Retractable Door Screens are Affordable
    It’s easier than you think to get retractable screens for the doors in your home or business. Whether you’re looking to partially enclose a patio or add a screen to your garage, DuraScreens will work with you to affordably fit a screen for almost any outdoor area. Contact us today to learn more.
Lifestyle Screens Logo
Live animation of Lifestyle Screen in action.

Turn your garage into an airy, pest-free space, on demand! 

The Lifestyle garage door screen is a fully retractable garage screen door that works with your existing garage door. The Lifestyle features an industry first, fully retractable passage door for ease of entry and exit without having to retract the entire system. The Lifestyle garage screen is fully spring loaded, making opening and closing quick and easy.

Now you can go from garage to a cool, bright, pest-free space in seconds. When you’re done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract your Lifestyle garage screen system and close your garage door as usual. It’s just that easy!

Man Cave Approved!

The Lifestyle Screen systems are a perfect solution for your garage-based man cave, party room, exercise space, hobby area, rec room, or smoking den.

It’s not just a screen, it’s a Lifestyle! 

There are several options for garage screens. Some hang by hook and loop, some are Velcro® mounted with a zippered opening, others are panel and track systems (sliders), you can even find garage screens that go up and down by the simple push of a button. One thing is for certain about all of these systems, none is as practical, simple, easy to use, and durable as the Lifestyle garage screen system.

Unleash your inner chef!™

With the patented design of Dakota Grills, you get exactly what you desire, every time. Unlike most grills which dry out your food, Dakota Grills preserve moisture and are much more effective than searing. Wonderful flavor, no matter what your cooking style.

No fuel, no fire, no flare ups. 

Our electric grill is safer, simpler, and much easier to use than a gas or charcoal grill. Never worry about starting or stopping fires, singeing your eyebrows, or dousing flare-ups. Grilling should be safe and fun, not dangerous or difficult!

Never burn your food. 

With a Dakota Grill, you insert a meat probe, set the grill, and walk away. It’s that easy. No need to check your meat, flip it, or worry about it. When your food reaches the designated temperature the grill will alert you, then continue to keep it warm, without overcooking.

Dakota Grills - Custom Grill
VAL6 Infrared Heaters - Daystar Model

Own the sun. 

Using radiation and infrared heat, VAL6 infrared heaters use heating principles similar to the sun in a revolutionary new way of heating. Watch this video and see how VAL6 compares to popular conventional heaters in a host of experiments.

100% fuel to energy conversion.

Radiant heat warms the object without warming the air for greater efficiency, and it is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Since radiant heat can penetrate into the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and dried in a uniquely different way.

Superior heat for the job site, garage, or mancave. 

Rated the #1 space heater in Japan for over 35 years, the VAL6 series lineup has everything you need in a space heater. Whether you need to heat a small area for a short project or the entire shop for a long shift, there’s a VAL6 heater for you.